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What Do You Believe? #SpeakOut and Tell Us Why You’re a Young Conservative
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What Do You Believe? #SpeakOut and Tell Us Why You’re a Young Conservative

Ever since we launched our #SpeakOut campaign a few months ago, we have had the idea to create a video using clips submitted entirely by our community of young conservatives.

Well, we’re finally doing it! The title of our video will be “What We Believe.”

To participate, make a video of yourself telling us what you believe. Your answer(s) can be political, spiritual, or anything else you’d like.

Be creative! The goal is to have a wide variety of interesting answers. We will take your answers and combine them into one awesome video that shows how diverse the young conservative community really is.

Submission guidelines:

  • Record yourself on your phone, laptop, or other video-capturing device in a quiet and well-lit room.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and set it as “unlisted” (meaning only those with the link can view it)
  • Fill out THIS FORM with your name, email, and the link to your private video

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  • outset

    […] is why young conservative groups such as OUTSET – with our #SpeakOut and “What We Believe” campaigns – and Turning Point USA, with its #BigGovSucks and #CapitalismCures hashtags, […]

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