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Benji Backer Speaks Out About the Rise Of CJ Pearson
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Benji Backer Speaks Out About the Rise Of CJ Pearson

Although you may have heard of CJ Pearson for the first time this past week, the 13-year-old outspoken conservative Youtuber has been a spokesperson for the young conservative movement for the past few years.

As an African-American pre-teen, CJ captured the attention of conservatives with his Southern twang, and “straight talk” about current events.

Others have not been so excited about the rise of CJ Pearson, and some of his biggest opposition is stemming from his own peers – fellow conservative millennials.

CJ Pearson gained national notoriety when he was 12 years old.

CJ Pearson gained national notoriety when he was 12 years old.

CJ took to Twitter on Wednesday claiming that he had been blocked from viewing the official Twitter account of President Barack Obama. The claim was immediately refuted by officials, and a screenshot he provided as proof of the blocking now shows signs of fabrication.

This comes just one week after the young conservative received an outpour of support from fellow-conservatives after posting a video bashing Obama’s response to the “clock boy.”

Pearson was featured by nearly every leading news source including TIME Magazine, The Hill, and the Washington Post. Just a few hours after CJ’s claim was posted on both Twitter and Facebook, Oliver Darcy, Deputy Managing Editor at TheBlaze, published a story claiming that the screenshot had been tampered with at some point and was not consistent with other Twitter displays on various mobile devices.

Wednesday night, another former Conservative millennial spokesperson spoke out about CJ Pearson.

“…Too many ruin it for our movement,” Benji Backer said. “This was a classic example,” he continued in a series of tweets recapping experiences he had with CJ while leading the movement of young conservatives until earlier this year.

“CJ lied to me. Numerous times,” Backer claimed. He stated that he and others “tried to help CJ…but he wasn’t willing to listen.”

The two had been working on projects together, but Backer grew frustrated when CJ wanted “his brand to grow instead” as Backer said in his own words.

In a blog entry published in July entitled “Politics-What Drove Me Away“, Backer explained why he would be stepping away from the political limelight.

“I began to see young conservatives battle it out for the ‘top spot’ in the youth political scene,” he described. “Unfortunately, there are few people (young or old) in the political arena who are active for the right reasons…I’ve seen that happen with countless other activists,” Backer wrote as he broke down what he saw happening to young conservatives who gained a small amount of “stardom” after posting a “‘riveting’ Youtube video or ‘captivating’ graphic on social media.'”

Backer painted a clear picture of the political world he was quickly discovering at a young age as one mirroring the Netflix show House of Cards.

“I saw some of the top organizations in this country immensely abuse their money, donors and staff,” he stated. “I eventually cut ties with each organization.”

Benji Backer delivers a speech at CPAC 2014.

Benji Backer delivers a speech at CPAC 2014.

Backer explained how all the attention had begun to effect his attitude.

“I was becoming a different, more selfish person.” He continued, “In short, I believe that politics in the United States needs to change quickly.”

Since he published this article, Backer has all-but completely withdrawn from the political scene with the exception of an occasional tweet, as we saw with his tweets regarding CJ.

Backer’s warning to the conservative movement needs to be taken seriously given the new controversies surrounding CJ Pearson. Should the Right be promoting pre-teens and teens as pillars in the movement, or will it end up hurting the ultimate goal of growing the conservative base?

Note: CJ Pearson also serves as the National Chairman for Teens For Ted, a group in support of the Ted Cruz Presidential campaign. He formerly endorsed Rand Paul earlier in the Primary.

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