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Being Pro-Life is a Libertarian Position
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Being Pro-Life is a Libertarian Position

We have all seen the countless videos showcasing the inhumane practices that take place inside of Planned Parenthood. Now a tenth video has surfaced and is no less disturbing. The past several weeks has caused even the most pro-choice advocates to take a second look at where the line is drawn on abortion. Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have been the most outspoken presidential candidates in defying Planned Parenthood and attempting to defund it. Rand Paul particularly has taken up a strong stance against abortion and has gone out of his way to try to get it defunded in congress and continues the fight to this day.

This is specifically peculiar to many people who don’t understand Rand Paul or other libertarians because libertarians are supposed to be liberal on social issues – even abortion. Though Rand is probably better described as more of a conservatarian (conservative/libertarian), many even hard core libertarians have openly came out in support of Paul’s efforts and stands against abortion.

When you dig deeper into the libertarian philosophy, it does not seem as far fetched as to why so many in libertarian circles and many leading libertarian figures are so pro life. I am openly a young libertarian who is and has always been pro life. I use to be much more conservative in many aspects but especially in social issues. While I have completely changed on issues like the drug war and find myself advocating to end marriage licenses, I have become as pro life as I have ever been.

The reason why life is becoming and has become such a big issue for liberty minded individuals such as myself and so many other people is because libertarianism isn’t about ending government or making as much money as you want, it is about the rights of the individual.

“Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. These were the rights that Jefferson specifically highlighted in the Declaration of Independence. Life was the first to be listed because without the right to life be protected, there is no liberty nor can we pursue our own happiness. The right to life is an individual right including those who are in the womb. The “right of the mother to do what she wants with her body” is something I completely support in every way. But by definition, that does not mean she can do what she wants with another individual’s body. The child should have the right to choose as well, and if one supports abortion they are then supporting taking away the rights of the child to choose what he or she would want to do in life.

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Supporting abortion not only takes away the right to life, it takes the right to liberty away from the child and their eventual right to pursue a happy life as they see fit. Millions have been silenced due to abortion, taking their right to speech away from them.

Being pro life is not a religious issue. It is not a republican issue. It is not a socially conservative issue. While you may be all of these things and support life. Being pro life IS a libertarian position, even if you don’t identify as a libertarian. You know that our rights are inherent in our humanity and that implies that you must have the right to have a life so that you can enjoy those rights. Even if you are completely against libertarianism, standing for life is an issue you can firmly say you share libertarian blood, even if it is small.

Liberty is a philosophy that is all inclusive. It welcomes those who may not see eye to eye on every issue, but can agree that individual freedom is of the upmost importance. The right to life is not about personal social beliefs, but it is about the natural rights of every human that all other rights come from. Without question standing for natural rights is a position libertarians proudly stand on and standing for life is no different. Life is the position of liberty.

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