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Mike Rowe Responded to a Question About the Confederate Flag Perfectly
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Mike Rowe Responded to a Question About the Confederate Flag Perfectly

Host of CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is very active on Facebook, always interacting with his fans and answering their questions. He has used his wildly popular Facebook page as an outlet for setting liberal trolls straight, responding to claims that work ethic is “right-wing propaganda,” and even sharing pictures of a hardworking young businessman.

But his latest post, in which he responded to a question about the Confederate flag, is pure gold:

“The Confederate Battle Flag makes me feel angry. It reminds me of The KKK. I hate The KKK. Consequently, the sight of that flag makes me want to travel back in time, long before the Klan came together, find the original Grand Wizard, and beat him to death with a golf club.”

Rowe then went on to warn about being too reactionary:

“I think we need to be very careful about congratulating ourselves too enthusiastically for removing a piece of cloth from the public square – even if it’s removal is long overdue. I also think we need to stop calling people racist, just because they see the flag as something other than a symbol of hate. This is what happens when we put a premium on our feelings. We assume everyone who disagrees with us is not merely wrong, but dangerous.

Rowe concluded his comments by dropping some serious truth about how banning things we find offensive will not solve problems.

“By all means – lets take the flag down. It’s long past time. But let’s not fool ourselves. Racism and terrorism and all the other hate-filled “-isms” that plague the species will never be eliminated by banning flags, burning books, limiting speech, or outlawing white sheets and pointy little hats. When Dylan Roof walked into The First Emanuel Church and killed nine black Americans, he wasn’t waving his rebel flag or screaming the N-word. He didn’t look like a racist. He didn’t act like a racist. Until he started killing people.

That’s the problem with people in white sheets and pointy hats. They don’t always dress the part, or carry the proper flag.

Read Rowe’s full post:

Off The Wall

Hey Mike – Just wondering about your feelings on the confederate flag thing. How do you feel when you…

Posted by Mike Rowe on Monday, June 29, 2015

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