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A Look at Loretta Lynch’s Past
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A Look at Loretta Lynch’s Past

President Obama named the successor for Eric Holder’s position of Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, on November 8. What the public knows about her so far is simple: she’s a Harvard graduate, she served as the United States Eastern New York District Attorney from 1991 to 2001, and Lynch is serving another tenure now, which began in 2010.

We see all of Lynch’s professional accomplishments and achievements, but do we know her character? I don’t believe that we do. In my opinion, the stances a person takes on various issues reflects back on them personally and politically. Loretta Lynch has spoken out about several issues in such a way that it seems that she is not only strongly left-wing, but has a past of heavy discrimination.

Working Against MLK Jr.’s Dream

This might sound like a stretch, but those were Mrs. Lynch’s own words while speaking to an audience in Long Island. According to Got News, She continued to drone on about how she did not want our country to turn back to the days of racism and bigotry not only through voter ID laws, but also through discipline policies in schools.

“They take our babies, minority children, black children, Hispanic children, and they put them out of school before they have a chance to learn…” Lynch said to the crowd, imploring them to speak up against this apparent racism still present in the education system.

Voter ID laws are not racist (read why here). A multitude of liberals will swear up and down that this would be a new way to target minorities from voting, but that is not at all the case. It isn’t to sway the election results at all. In fact, these laws aim to protect them! These IDs prevent those who cannot vote or cannot vote again from doing so – thus creating a fairer election. There is no harm there, as with the school discipline policies. It is wrong for an African American woman to stand up in front of a crowd of African Americans and blame other races for their children receiving consequences for their actions.

Who Deserves Capital Punishment

As far back as anyone can remember, liberals have being using the idea of the death penalty as some form of proof that we still live in a society dominated by racism instead of actual justice. At a discussion in New York in 2002, Loretta Lynch stated she did not want to seek capital punishment in the efforts to save African Americans. She added that more white people would be given the death penalty if that were the punishment for fraud. Her ideas actually contradict the facts. The Bureau of Justice found that  in her area, there are far more murderous African Americans than whites.

I’m not sure about you, but I certainly do not want any decisions in our judicial system made on race, neither positive nor negative. That is not justice, and that is not the standard that we as Americans need to be setting for the rest of the world.

Past Racial Bias

When Lynch was a student at Harvard, she was a part of a club that has a reputation for being not only somewhat of black supremacists, but terrorist sympathizers. On several occasions, the group brought over several leaders from the Palestinian Liberation Operation (PLO). These people called for the liberation of Palestinian immediately, and supported various terror causes. However, the club would not allow Jewish students in to hear the speakers. The school condemned the group for these actions, but always trying to rile something up, a letter  to the editor of the Harvard paper was sent. Got News found it , read it here.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be associated with a group so controversial unless I truly agreed with what they said. Lynch has not come forward to apologize nor to explain her actions while in college, but I fear that is because they have been hidden for so long.

Bad Choice

All I am saying is that Loretta Lynch is not my top choice for Attorney General. She clearly has some skeletons in her closet, and those that could be very detrimental to her political career if all of them are exposed. I do not support Mrs. Lynch for this position, not simply because she is a Democrat, but because she is unjust with unrealistic ideas about the justice system.

What do you think? Would you support Mrs. Lynch as Attorney General?

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